Welcome to Napa Hot Yoga & Wellness Center and taking the first step toward your better health. Now it’s time to build your new Hot Yoga and Pilates experience. Our classes are accessible to anyone.

Download the Mind Body app for Napa Hot Yoga to sign your waiver and begin scheduling your classes.

Getting started tips:

*Arrive 10 minutes early
* All classes are 90, 75(Power Vinyasa Flow) and 60 minute
* Dress in cool , comfortable , breathable workout attire
* Drink plenty of water the day prior and day of class
* Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class
* Inform us of any pre-existing or limiting conditions
* Be aware of how you are feeling and listen to the instructors breathing cues, if you get dizzy, just rest
in a kneeling position.
* This practice is your moving meditation, no one is judging you, this yoga is a practice so enjoy
the journey!
* Come ready to sweat, bring a yoga mat, large towel and water.
* We rent mats and sell towels and water for $2.00 each